Ireland Immigration – What You Need to Know

start up visa

Studies show that migration has played and continues to play a very essential role in the overall economic situation of Ireland. The relevance of migrants in the economy of the country is extremely centered on the contribution of migration benefits such as labor completion and flexibility, to name a few.

Ireland immigration is primarily seen as one of the keys to keep the country stable and flourishing for years to come. It is a win-win situation for both the host country and the migrants. With migrant bringing with them valuable skills and knowledge, there would be better flexibility for the country in the long run.

start up visa

If you are a migrant aiming to get permanent residency, the tier 1 investor visa application may just be the type for you. However, this kind of visa application only applies if you get to invest a considerable amount of money which will entitle you to become a permanent resident after a few years. Depending on the amount that you invest, you could get permanent residency even after just two years. There are also other benefits like free school education for your children and free healthcare which you and your family can enjoy.

If you are planning to migrate to Ireland, you need to do some research first. Find out how you can benefit the most out of migrating or what type of application would you need to get permanent residency at the earliest time possible. These and more should be your primary considerations. It pays to do some research, after all.

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