Poker Cheats: The Marked Card


As the world of poker players continues to recruit new players, more and more players are looking for simple ways to win the game. For scammers, many believe that instead of wasting time honing their skills, they would prefer to master the skill of deception.

Some players have learned to mark cards as a way to help them win the game. Depending on the level of rogue ability, the marked cards for sale may be obvious or imperceptible.

Sometimes, the dealer uses his own deck of cards or gets it before the game starts. Many scammers have learned to mark their cards during the game. In order to prevent the marked cards from being seen by other players, the scammer usually makes his marks so that they do not go around the map, since this would allow the light to be visible through the map, showing the mark.

The scammers’ designations on the cards are usually small changes on the back of the cards, such as scratches, a change in the design of the card or perhaps a curve in a corner of the card.

Marking cards especially in gives cheaters an advantage in their game. They will always mark all high cards or any other card they consider important for the game.

Some scammers prefer to label their cards using something called hatching. They will use very thin ink to change part of the design on the back of the card. This requires that the scammer be very precise with his labeling, but if he does a good job, nobody else will notice the labeling, except him.




Another technique that many scammers use is called smears. For stains, a special form of ink and a small maser are used. A cheater cheats the ink on the back of the card and the ink is invisible to the naked eye. Special glasses are required to see the marks. A game for this can be purchased at magic stores or novelties.

Angled crimping

 Angled crimping is a technique that many scammers will use to mark their cards. The scammer will see the card you want to mark, and then move it away from the other cards and with the help of your thumb or index finger will slightly bend the corner of the card. You will notice the marks during the game and remember the card. Some scammers can mix several cards in the bottom of the deck while compressing the corners in all of them.


 However, other scammers prefer to use thumbnails on their cards. The cheat will see the map he wants to mark and then sink the end of his nail into the back of this particular card. Players who are not trained to look for these brands will not notice them, while the player can identify them as the game progresses.

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