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bizsafe company list singapore

A safety consultant company in Singapore which consist of professional safety consultants with years of experience in the industries.

The Top BizSafe WSHO Consultants in Singapore

The Ministry of Manpower’s or MOM BizSAFE initiative was enacted by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) gathering in 2007 to encourage more secure business and working conditions in enterprises in Singapore. From that point forward, various organizations have patched up and rebuild their working environments for more secure and more effective conditions. Many businesses have received the Level 3 Certificate

The bizsafe company list singapore and been featured on MOM’s Existing BizSAFE Communities and Companies.

bizsafe company list singapore

How Can the Company Help You and Your Company?

The WSHO Level 3 consultants are available to guide and make sure your workplace meets the standard of BizSAFE Level 3 and the consultants are well-versed, seasoned, experienced, and knowledgeable about safety and health in Singapore, MOM standards, as well as workplace health and not to mention that the WSHO consultants are committed to providing superb services. The company is regularly improving and innovating and staying true to the company beliefs and values at the same time.

Workplace Safety and Health

WSH is about making your work safer and healthier environment in order to maintain productivity. Workplace safety and health (WSH) procedures are a necessity for all staff no matter the size or type of the business it is. Evading or reducing injuries and harm to equipment and facilities will result in lesser expenses and more benefit for a business. The Ministry of Manpower’s WSH Act composed of a set of legal specifications and administration acts to promote favorable, safer, and more effective working conditions in Singapore.

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