Gaming world on Android

As the world is changing and becoming more and more technical, access to gadgets has become budget friendly. Due to the ease and user friendly experience and android topping the list for the operating system in most of the gadgets, it has many options for the users to customize it. One of the most used option is the games on android. Playing games is the most easy and simple way to spend one’s time. With a variety of games, ranging from games for kids to adventure, cartoon, sports and what not, there is scope for every android user to find a game of his choice.

How to look for your game?

All you have to do is, open “play store” on your android gadget and search with any keyword for the type of game you are looking for. You will be loaded with a list of free and paid games. You can also check the ratings/reviewsand then choose to download the game. However, with a great percentage of gaming lovers, there are still many best android games uploaded on android frequently.

Developing Games

There are many developers who develop games on android. They use gaming engines to develop a game. Even before that, one needs to be familiar with Android studio which uses Java language to develop the game. As you start developing a game, you may have to face some challenges, but never give up! Keep your thoughts unique and simple. Once you have developed the game, there is a necessity for testing and the best one is beta testing before you release it.

Some best Android games:

While the choice of the game is left to the user, some best android games and the most attractive games are the ones that involve rewards and where the player wants to get back to play. While there were some top games like angry birds, temple run that still top the list, some of the new games that currently top the list are:

  1. Alto’s adventure: An adventure game that is simple and is based on Skiing. All you have to do is, avoid the obstacles and keep skiing.
  2. Battle games like Rules of Survival: Where one fights for their survival.
  3. Clash Royale: A game where you will sure find a person to fight with. All you do is, earn cards and fight.
  4. 100 Doors: A puzzle game where you open the door at each level.
  5. Temple run: It’s an adventure game, where you run for your life.


With a variety of games available on android games, one will sure find a game of their choice. Developing the game on the other hand, might sound a bit challenging, but sure will be very successful.

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