Bashir Dawood: The epitome of humanity

bashir dawood

When we face hardships we do believe that there is definitely a savior too, to help us get through. This belief always stands true without any denial. The people of Pakistan can always look up to Bashir Dawood as their savior in any hard times they face.

Bashir Dawood has proved to be a savior for the people of Pakistan.  This eminent personality, who has made countless donations and contributions for the development of Pakistan and the quality of life for the people resident there, has also stood by through its hard times.

Hard times in Pakistan

The decade of 2000 was the grave year for Pakistan with unabated terrorist attacks, drought, famine, flood, earthquake, landslides and severe natural calamities. The repeated upheaval and severe destruction were taking a severe toll on the life, livestock and economy of Pakistan.

bashir dawood The Dawood Foundation

In this crucial time, Dawood Foundation along with Bashir Dawood along with his wife Mariyam Dawood provided reliefs, collected funds to help impart food and shelter to its people. This Foundation, since 1960 has served humanity without a flaw. They also extended immense help in rehabilitating the lives and homes of people in the calamities and also when the villages were ravaged in the fire.

This definitely boasted the morale of the people suffering severely and encouraged them to return to normal life with dignity. People looked up to him with great respect and admiration. He surely earned it with his efforts and he deserves to be awed.

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