The Best Princess Mononoke Merchandise Available

You can now have a look on the wide collection of the Princess Mononoke merchandise which is a truly classic piece. Some of them are available in full size of the mask that measures in 10 inches in their edges and also works well for the display piece or as the cosplay. You can find some of the mask as well which are sculpted for having the wood grain effects with some of the areas around mouth and eyes having cracked or weathered pottery effects on all of them. Their final result stands out as the striking piece that captures unique character of film in different way.

Custom order

You must also be aware as the Princess Mononoke mask need the removal of the excessive resin from casting process, painting and cleaning. These painted pictures are also attached for the illustrative purposes. You can check whole process of painting and cleaning and know about the materials and tools as well. You will get them as nicely packed which ensures to arrive on doorstep as sound and safe. The shipping rates also based on the location and you might have to pay the tax on overseas orders.

High quality items

Assome of the item ofPrincess Mononoke is of delicate nature, they are packed in a nice way and don’t even lead to the breakage during transit that no one wants. All the items are crafted for placing order and handmade which means that you will get high quality of these merchandise. You can also place an order for the T-shirts, mugs, posters and more which are inspired by Princess Mononoke only. All experienced designers and artists from across the world make these products. The orders are all customized made and ships them worldwide.

The Princess Mononoke T-shirts are also trending as said and they come as the unisex tees which can be worn by both women and men. They are of high quality material and with 100% cotton. Similarly, you can also find some of the stickers which are in matte finish. Place your order now.

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