Understanding the 10×12 Replacement Canopy Top

10x12 Replacement Canopy Top

Gazebos are one important part of your patio. The airy and open gazebo will create a perfect summer oasis as well as gathering point for your family and friends. Thanks to internet, thousands of people can purchase and set up replacement canopy gazebos for a very good price. These fast setup gazebos are functional and decorative, giving protection from sun’s harmful UV rays when creating an ideal home for the outdoor dining sets. Durable steel frames for 10’x12 gazebos generally outlast longer life that covers the tops. In months, at times even weeks, canopies of the gazebos fade, rip and finally tear. All very often, homeowners are just left with the unattractive patio.

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Why do the canopy tops fail?

In the nutshell, canopy tops with standard 10×12 replacement canopy gazebos are been tailored from low grade vinyl fabric. The gazebo manufacturers stay away from the high level UV resistant fabrics, to keep their price point on the gazebos very low. Unluckily, these low grades of canopy tops are then subject many extreme weather: ice, snow, UV sun rays, rain, freezing temperatures, as well as heat. In matter of some weeks, the combination of the weather conditions will weaken and also make brittle canopy tops on the gazebos. Water being trapped from the inadequate grommet drainage can cause this canopy to sage & stretch. The discoloration and fading follows immediately and wind can rip and tear your canopy in shreds. Unsuspecting gazebo owner then heads to buy the replacement canopy for their gazebo.

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