How to post your ads on top of search Enginee search results

When searching on any of search engine, text ads can appear above or below search results. Only four ads can be published, at most, above the search results.

The position of your Post free ads on the page is determined based on the ad’s ranking, that is, a combination of your ad, the quality of the ad during the auction (including the expected click through rate, the relevance of the ad, and the experience in the landing page), the limits of the ad’s ranking , the context of the user’s search (location, device, time the search is performed, search terms, other ads and search results on the page, and other indicators and user attributes) and the expected impact of extensions and other ad formats.

Assortlist Classifieds

Blogs cannot miss And they can be free!

This action is well known, since; having a blog is something totally efficient that makes it easier to find an audience, because what you already have is kept and you can interact with them all.

For this it is necessary to devote as much time as possible. You already know that it is important that your content is interesting and interesting, so you must dedicate yourself to it, so that by putting all your creativity into practice you can generate a great advantage at the level of competition for what you can publish.

Go to SEO, to make free advertising on the Internet in a different but somewhat brilliant way. Since it has two variants, allowing users not only to know about your company, but also you can get your site to receive and capture thousands of visits daily.

Classified ads

There are innumerable sites that appear on the Internet. Which can offer you the publication of classified ads at no cost? These places are known as directories that have as a kind of yellow pages, that if that were not enough, in a very orderly way, it classifies all the ads that appear there in regions and categories. Other sites where you can promote are the following:

Advertising exchange

The best thing you can do is form alliances with other companies that, of course, are not competitors. This can increase the results of marketing. It should be noted that in these alliances, there may be an exchange of publicity and they may even proceed to announce in agreement some products or failing services.

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